Sarah Constant

Hello pic! - August 2017

Sarah Constant

Vital stats

  • Born in Dorset, UK
  • Early 30s
  • British
  • Master of Physics from Imperial College London
  • Married to Ruskin Constant
  • Founded Busi-Ball 2012
  • Living in Lisbon
  • Head of Product at Jungle.ai

Mini bio

A Dorset childhood instilled a love of all things beachy and an appreciation of an invigorating rainy day.

After University in London & a quick ski season, I delved into the worlds of tech, analytics and finance in Geneva, London, and now Lisbon.

I am most happy at the beach, in the mountains, solving a tricky problem, or eating something delightful.

What I'm talking about

  • HealthTech, FinTech, disruptive tech.
  • Machine learning, big data.
  • Ashtanga yoga, mindfulness.
  • Bonsai trees, small things.

What I'm doing

  • Launching and running new products, most recently an Innovative Finance ISA at Zopa.
  • Investing in personal ‘banana farms’, latest investment was a buy-to-let in Sheffield.
  • Enabling charities to use their data as a core volunteer at Data Kind UK.
  • Running regularly, last year I ran my first half marathon and started a run club at work.
  • Kitesurfing, this year I'm learning to switch turn and surf waves.

Important places

  • Growing up tearing around Sandbanks beach, UK.
  • Getting stuck into Physics and deep bass in London, UK.
  • Analysing investments and the perfect powder day snow in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Having the most frustrating and aha breakthrough moments learning to kitesurf in Tarifa, Spain.